Oculus Connect, An annual conference gathered the most promising and visionary developers and innovators to share the ideas and to collaborate with each other so that they play a part in journey of development of VR’s and AR’s together. This year a great leap in the field of VR set is introduced named Oculus Quest from the platform of OC5.

Oculus Quest is the first virtual reality-based all-in-one gaming system. With inside-out tracking, guardian and touch controller tracking which uses four ultra-wide-angle sensor and CVA to track the position without any external sensor. The list of its specification is really big but one thing for sure, that this will definitely be proved as a game changer for the future of VR’s And AR’.
Apart of this, some of really excellent sessions at OC5 was shared below. However, you can catch up all the sessions of OC5 from Official website of Oculus connect.

Source- Road to VR

1. Bootstrapping social VR By, John Bartkiw, Engg. Mang. (Oculus)

If you are a social animal and you want a good multiplayer experience, then this session is definitely for you. John proves that the multiplayer VR experience is not much challenging as everyone think. He is walking through a sample project and help you to understand the different technical segments.

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2. Mobile performance reinforced with RenderDoc, Remi Palandri,Soft engg. (Oculus)

In this session, Remi shows, how the RenderDoc can be used for fixing the issues and optimization of performance for the application running on Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest .RenderDoc is just a normal debugging tool which is run on pc and used by the developers to test their application. He discusses, how the performance of different VR games can be maximized by creatively limiting the rendered texture and geometry.

3. Creating New And interactive actors for VR with the help of VR, Kevin He, Founder/CEO (DeepMotion)

In this session, Kevin discusses the importance of interactive motion in VR. He also shows the work, where his team used the deep learning creates actors that could respond to the virtual environments.

4. The future of VR rendering with Scriptable Render Pipeline, Unity

Unity’s SRP is really a great tool which provides an enhanced degree of control and customizability to developers. In this session, they introduced HDR pipeline and discussed the challenge of rendering an object in VR.

Apart of all above, there are some other sessions, which are really good and informative is mentioned below. You should check them out.
• Oculus Lipsync SDK, Elif Albuz, Engg. Mang. (Oculus)
• Sound design for Oculus Quest, Tom Smurdon, Audio Design Manager (Oculus)
• Advances in the Oculus Rift PC SDK (Oculus)

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