The Internet is one open place where people can talk about anything. They can share their opinions about a topic or give their judgment. Your aunts, best friends, family, and strangers share a lot on Facebook, Reddit, and other social media platforms. They say, where there is yin, there is yang.

When people give their unwanted opinions on a topic or they have to say something weird that does not make sense, there are people who can give them a savage reply and put them in the right place. After all, karma always gives you its fruit.

A subreddit “Murdered By Words” has a collection of such savage posts. We bring you some to know what happens around when you do such a thing.

#1 Shots Fired, Two Men Down

#2 I’m Gonna Take The Surgeon’s Side On This One

#3 Disabled Parking Should Only Be Valid During Business Hours 9 To 5

#4 Now Sit Your Ass Down, Stefan.

#5 Find A Different Career.

#6 Apparently, It’s Impossible For Women To Be Smart And Beautiful At The Same Time

#7 The Fact That He Never Removed The Post Surprises Me

#8 That Backfired

#9 Murdered By Kindness.

#10 It’s Never Just About A Cake

#11 Just Pulled The Lever To The Verbal Guillotine.

#12 On A Comment Thread About UPS And USPS Workers

#13 Mmm Spicy

#14 Well, When You Put It That Way…

#15 This Guy Wants All The Cake.

#16 Wise Advice!

#17 Cut The Shit Lady. You Chose The Bathroom.

#18 I Love Arnold’s Wholesome Murders

#19 If He Were Here He’d Consume These Morons With Fireballs From His Eyes And Bolts Of Lightning From His Arse

#20 Good Old Meghan Mccain

#21 Yellow Tape Around Her Body It’s A Fucking Homicide

#22 The Ramsays Has The Best Insults

#23 Don’t Defend Corporations, They Will Not Return The Favor

#24 Murdered By The Word Of God.

#25 That’s Just How It Is Though, Isn’t It?

#26 An Effortless Genocide

#27 Very Strange, Indeed

#28 Your “Logic” Deserves A Slap In The Face

#29 Homophobia Is Manmade

#30 Taken To School.

#31 Murdered By Laws

#32 A Better Headline

#33 Short And To The Point

#34 Murdered By Numbers?

#35 Maybe Not The First, But Definitely The Most Famous