Women have been objectified by society since forever. Some men have such wild misconceptions about women as if they were aliens. You will be shocked to know what stupid and weird things men have said about women and their bodies. Apparently, some men believe that women who wear anklets are lesbians or prostitutes.

We made a list of some weird posts that were made on the subreddit r/NotHowGirlsWork. Scroll down to take a look at them, and do leave your thoughts about what you think about this in the comment section.

#1 So Apparently, Girls Can’t Wear Pants

#2 Because An Expensive Car Is Going To Make You Less Creepy

#3 Is There A Source For Women?

#4 We’re Not Dogs

#5 Ideal Wife Criteria

#6 Well Done Buddy, You Just Figured Out That Human Beings Don’t Enjoy Being Insulted

#7 Ladies, Be Warned About The Power Of Ankle Bracelets

#8 Let’s Hope Lucifer Has A Big Party Planned For 2021

#9 Wow, And I Never Even Knew

#10 I’m No Expert But I Think It’s Because It Hurts????

#11 No Chili For You

#12 Hear That, Extroverted Girls? You Lost Your Soul

#13 Pollution Is Everywhere Nowadays

#14 Lmao This Man Has Truly Ascended

#15 This Raises So Many Questions

#16 That’s Not How Any Of This Works

#17 Yikes

#18 Yes Because I Actually Want A Completely Dependent Creature At A Time Where I Can’t Even Afford My Own Food, That’s Why I Have A Cat

#19 Found On A Girls vs. Boys Meme. I Guess All Women Share All The Same Musical Taste And Political Beliefs?

#20 Someone Please Explain To Me Why Men Are So Insistent On Making Claims And Assumptions About Spaces They’ve Never Been In?!

#21 Guess I’m Brainwashed

#22 Are You Talking About Magpies Or Women?

#23 Good Thing We Always Smell Nice Because We’re Totally Insufferable

#24 Something Tells Me This Person Has Never Had A Girlfriend

#25 Btw This Guy Still Believes That Arranged Marriages Are The Way To Go

#26 Yeah Sure Buddy, 15 Guys

#27 “Women Are Children You Can Have Legal Sex With”

#28 You’ve Heard It Here Folks… I Guess Lesbian Sex Don’t Exist

#29 “This Tweet Is From 1834”

#30 I Don’t Think This Guy Has Ever Had A Girlfriend