Zane Powles is an assistant headteacher at Grimsby’s Western Primary School.

This Lincolnshire teacher is the hero for many here’s why;

heroes of covid-19

Powles walks for more than five miles every day only to distribute the school’s free lunches to the students.

heroes of covid-19

The food weighs about 40 pounds which Zane carries in his backpack. It is his goal to deliver daily lunch to 78 students.

About Zane Powles

Zane has formerly served as a soldier. Evidently, that makes it clear, where he gets it from. Furthermore, Zane doesn’t only deliver the food. He uses this visit as a perfect opportunity to check on the students and ho they are.

Zane is not the only one

heroes of covid-19

The headteacher of Western Primary School Kim Leach along with a few others are engaged in this beautiful deed. The school is making use of car deliveries for the families that live further away.

This Grimsby’s local hero named Zane Powles is keen on delivering free lunches to school students each day.

Here is a glimpse,

heroes of covid-19

Zane shared,

“The reaction from the children and parents I have been delivering to has been fantastic and positive. The children come out all happy and smiling, say hi, grab their food, and then start looking through the bag. They then chat with me about what they’ve been doing and how they’re feeling. Most of them are doing very well,”

Powles walks about 5 miles every day. He carries a backpack full of food weighing about 40 pounds.

Zane loves interacting with the parents. Additionally, he shared that apart from the food, he tries his best to help them emotionally and mentally.

This selfless teacher is the talk of the town,

He also shared that many people gather outside their doors and give him a big round of applause. Everyone appreciates his selfless act.

However, this helping teacher turns all red with all the attention.

He is a hero and a legend for many and loves that his job is appreciated.

Zane loves the response. But says, it is very overwhelming for him.

Zane also spoke about poverty issues in Grimsby. He conveyed that he is glad that Grimsby is finally in the news for something positive. The teacher thinks the town’s lockdown will be a long one. He said,

 “In my opinion, I can’t see primary schools being fully opened until September and this is because social distancing is not possible and the measures we as a staff will have to go to will make the school days extremely difficult and the changes needed would have a significant impact on the learning of the children.”

A tweet by @looknorthBBC

Here is a detailed description of what Zane has in mind,

Many people have witnessed him delivering school meals every day.  @peter_levy wanted to know what is @zaneyteacher’s inspiration?

The teacher is a twitter sensation,

Zane carefully keeps the lunches on the doorsteps of the students. Then, he knocks, waits near their doors. He leaves only when the food is picked up. Zane is extremely humbled, by the beautiful responses of his students and their families. He is a really down to earth man and continues with the good deeds.

The students and their parents are delighted to see their teacher. They wave at him with pure joy.

He is a private person, hence so much attention is a little embarrassing for him.

Here is another video of what Powles does,

This teacher makes sure students get food even when the schools are off

Zane clearly feels a little overwhelmed by all the attention.

This heroic teacher also bagged an award for being an inspiration

Zane clarified that this gesture is absolute teamwork.  There are many other teachers who are participating in and helping the community.

People love what Zane is doing for them.