North Korea executes its envoy for the USA

North Korea executed its envoy for the USA and it is leading to bad consequences. Spying can be tough and a fatal job. While you are spying on someone else’s house, thieves might have burned your house down. A spy needs a strong fist and clenched lips. Any information leak can lead to a huge mishap to the whole nation and the government comes down crashing!

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Executions are tough and painful to the victims. Earlier, the kings executed people on literally anything. Though the ‘new society’ has changed and people are quite compassionate with each other, so this isn’t rampant anymore. Apparently, the picture around authorities is a little different and not so pleasing.

North Korea executes an envoy from the USA
Kim Jong-Un is up to no good.

North Korea: The News

A South-Korean newspaper has reported that four envoys from North Korea have been killed. Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un had a summit between them which did not go well.

Four North-Koreans were accused of spying from the side of the USA and were executed. Kim Jong-Un is one nasty leader with a crooked mentality. He rules a nation and orders them to bizarre stuff and they do it.

North Korea executes its envoy for the USA

The Execution

The news reported by South Korea ignited a flare. Though South Korea themselves came to know of it from an unknown source. Kim Hyok Chol was executed in March.

Also, Kim Young Chol has been forced into hard labor. Kim Young Chol and other four officials were executed at a North Korean airport. This execution has created a tensed atmosphere amongst both countries.

North Korea Executed and Purged Top Nuclear Negotiators, South Korean Report Says from news

Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un for that matter have been exceptionally great leaders for their countries(Consider sarcasm). We cannot stop the leaders from doing anything they please. All we can do is help ourselves and relatives to stay safe.