There are only a few people who innocently strolled through the massive exhibiting booth of Samsung at this year’s CES, which was held in Las Vegas.

But a few of those people managed to stumble upon the tech giant, Samsung’s prototype smartphone based on 5G connectivity.

This Samsung 5G prototype phone has a notch
Source: Business Insider

Samsung, the largest mobile company in the whole world, has showcased a prototype version of a 5G smartphone.

The sad part about his exhibition is that no one showed any sort of fanfare neither did any CES attendee display any signs of interest to take a look at the prototype version of the 5G smartphone.

This made a few of the attendees who showed some interest to take a peek at the next-gen smartphone feel that they are the only ones who are interested in seeing the 5G Samsung smartphone.

The phone was a prototype model, period

The prototype of the 5G smartphone was indeed a prototype, and it came from the most excellent company in the entire world, well as far as the smartphones are concerned.

The smartphone was a prototype which Samsung along with one of the major mobile carriers in the US has announced earlier in December.

Samsung in association with Verizon announced that they would produce a 5G smartphone that will be released early in 2019 at a Qualcomm event which will take place in Hawaii.

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Samsung wouldn’t just brazenly display the 5G device if the prototype smartphone had shared the similarities with that of the forthcoming Galaxy S10.

Samsung's 5G prototype phone packs a very peculiar screen
Source: Business Insider

Rumors also suggest that Samsung’s flagship device, Galaxy S10 will support a 5G connectivity. Currently, the showcased prototype 5G phone from Samsung is allegedly the closest thing that people have seen as a 5G smartphone.

Samsung’s vision of developing a prototype 5G smartphone

Well, the sad news with the 5G smartphone is that if a person was expecting that the next generation 5G phones will look different from the conventional 5G smartphone, then they are going to be disappointed.

The smartphone looked like a perfect operational unit which sported a working display along with a volume rocker button and a power button. The 5G smartphone even sported a case, and at the same time, the phone is integrated with a Bixby button.

This is Samsung's 5G smartphone prototype
Source: Business Insider

The display of the phone has reportedly cycled through a canned demo which has showcased some of the features of the device along with functions. None of these demos appeared to utilize the wireless capabilities.

Nevertheless, the 5G smartphone did not provide a little insight as to what the extremely fast, faster than 4G wireless connectivity, 5G wireless data experience might look.

And yes, the prototype Samsung 5G smartphone also sports a notch display. The prototype by Samsung is quite a mystery, and it doesn’t reveal much of the future phones of the company.

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Source: Business Insider, The Inquirer