Nikki Haley the US Ambassador to the UN resigned, effectively bringing down the number of moderate voice of the Republicans in the Trump administration. The foreign policy team of the US administration had Haley representing the White House at the international body, and her resignation can as a surprise to many in the administration.

Haley was earlier a fierce critic of Donald Trump especially over his planned immigration policies. She was a former governor of South Carolina and she had voiced opposition to many of his policies. However, some time after he took over the reins at the White House he appointed her as the US Ambassador to the UN and the prestigious posting was seen more as an appeasement to the moderates in the Republican Party.

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Hailing from India, she was a strong advocate of a free market policy and was in favor of global trade. She drew appreciation for voicing her dissent to the Confederate battle flag, which occurred after the slayings in Charleston, South Carolina in a black church.  She was a fierce critic of Donald Trump during the run up to the presidential poll, flagging his attitude and warning that it could cost a lot in terms of diplomatic relations. At one stage she even went on to say that his attitude towards critics may result in a flare up of global consequences.

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She also lent her support to women who had leveled allegations against Trump. She was one among the very few who had said that the voices of the women who had made accusations needed to be heard. This was contrary to the position of the administration that the allegations against Trump were not true. The administration had all along maintained that voters had called out the false allegations against Trump by voting him to the US Presidency.

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She had told broadcaster CBS, that the women needed to be heard and that suitable action had to be initiated to deal with the matter. She went on to add that the allegations were leveled against Trump long before the elections. She was of the opinion that women who felt that the had been abused or mistreated had to be given a voice when they leveled the allegations.

She was also known to have frequently had run ins with Rex Tillerson, who happened to be her boss before she went on to represent the US at the UN. The aides of Rex had desired that she issue clarifications regarding her assertions about Donald Trump which were made in public forums before she went ahead with her responsibilities.

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Her resignation was not known to many in the administration and was a closely guarded secret. It was only when the announcement was officially made did many in the administration learn of the resignation. It is not known if she would take up any other responsibility.  She had joked that she was not running for presidency in 2020.