Nike is up for a really big innovation. Nike is all set to pull the covers off its upcoming store called the Nike House of Innovation 000 on 15 November. The new store is located on Fifth Avenue, Manhattan. This is going to be the new flagship store of Nike in New York.

Nike’s direct-to-consumer business president, Heidi O’Neill, said,

This is one of our most bold and confident moments on our journey of innovation. We are making sure that this store has the best, the latest, and the most important innovation.

Nike Fifth Ave Flagship store

Nike is bringing new experiences for its customers and no one has seen before. The store will have the largest Nike shoes collections containing popular items and new features will be incorporated in its shopping app as well such as instant purchase.

An entire floor will be dedicated to sneakers including women’s shoes and a separate floor for men’s clothing. There will be another floor for kids’ and women’s clothing. The store is also module as the walls can be shifted through a grid system which will make the store adaptable for different situations.

Nike NYC flagship

O’Neill said that there are not many retail stores in New York that are adaptable to change with customers’ pace. A similar store was opened in Shanghai by Nike earlier in October. That store was named the House of Innovation 001 and already 600,000 customers have visited it.

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The store is digitally capable of informing about both offline and online brand’s initiatives. It’s time to take the shopping experience to another level and Nike is ready for it. They have incorporated these changes after observing their customers who shop online.

The brand also offers a free digital membership program to its customers for interacting with the store by way of Nike Plus. The new store is developed in such a way that it will come alive for its customers.

Source: Business Insider, Political Reporter