We know that this news might not have shaken you a lot. Because it was quite obvious to see Nicolas Cage in the new Tiger King show. Who doesn’t know that Nicolas is born to play? Thus, as per the latest sources, Tiger King will feature Nicolas Cage as Joe Exotic.

From the very beginning, when Netflix announced their true-crime docuseries, Tiger King, it rose to fame. And the people actually enjoyed the story of Joe Exotic, Carole Baskin and their tiger-fueled scripts. And now Cage has taken up the role of the Tiger King himself in the TV show. However, the name of the show wasn’t clear before. And, many of us were calling it the first TV show of Nicolas Cage. But, he, being a part of Tiger King was quite obvious.

Nicolas Cage will feature in Tiger King TV show

Also, the new series is set to be a traditional eight-episode show, unlike other documentaries. Imagine Television Studios and CBS Television Studios will produce the Cage’s, Tiger King. And Dan Lagana will serve as the writer for the show.

Nicolas Cage to feature as Joe Exotic

However, the makers have not yet spilled the beans about what network or streaming service, the Tiger King will debut on. Apart from the new Tiger King, there’s also a Tiger King show set to star Kate McKinnon as Carole Baskin. This show was lined up in production before the original Netflix series started streaming. But what is more interesting is that now we will get to see Nicolas Cage debut in the TV show Tiger King!

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