Nicklas Bendtner, who formerly played as Arsenal forward will be serving a prison sentence of 50 days. The Dane was involved in assaulting a taxi driver in Copenhagen on September 9. The verdict for the case was declared on November 2 but the Dane accepted the sentence and dropped his appeal against the verdict this Wednesday.

Besides the jail term, he is also fined 1500 kroner (£179). When will the player begin his sentence, is yet to be known.

Source – Daily Mail

Bendtner in his initial hearings admitted to striking the man in self-defense. The initial court proceedings revealed a video where the player was found to be kicking the driver while he lay on the ground. The victim was harshly beaten up and his jaw was broken. All this happened because of a dispute over a taxi fare of £ 4.80.

In a statement from Bendtner three days after the assault, the player expressed his grief over the unfortunate outcome. He apologized to his teammates for diverting their focus in an important time. He further said that he’s not a fighter but he protects those he loves on and off the field.
Bendtner currently plays as a forward for Rosenberg in Norway.

Source- Bleacher Report