People make a perception about celebrities being arrogant and ignorant. However, some people have different experiences in life. Those who have had positive celebrity encounters in their life take time to let others know about it, to break the perception they have. On Twitter, many such wholesome stories have been shared by users, telling their tales of celebrity encounters. Showing their generosity, celebrities often repost such tweets on their hands saying a big thank you to their fans.

Scroll down to check out some stories that will touch your heart.

1. Tom Hanks Just Wants You To Enjoy Your Hot Dog

2. Steve Buscemi Is A ‘Hometown Hero’

2. Paul Rudd Is Great With Kids

3. LeVar Burton Is A Gift

5. Goldie Hawn And Kurt Russell Prove They Care

6. Meryl Streep Is So Down To Earth

7. Harry Styles Is ‘A Great Guy’

8. Jeff Goldblum Just Wants A Hug

9. Henry Winkler Continued To Be Lovely With This Tweet

10. Dolly Parton Is A Beautiful Person

11. Robin Williams Was A ‘Lovely Human’

12. Gene Wilder Was A ‘Warm Soul’

13. Tina Turner Treats Her Fans Like Close Friends

14. Princess Diana Gave Fans A Private Moment

15. James Gandolfini Was Kind To All Fans

16. Ed Asner Is Just Honored To Be Mentioned

17. George Clooney Is Both Generous And Kind

18. Neil Gaiman Is ‘The Gold Standard’

19. Crooner John Prine Was Nice Even When He Arrested

20. A Domino Effect Of Wholesome