NFL offseason is here and it means a lot of trade deals will be carried out and new team lineups will be formed. Every team wants to be a part of the super bowl and will try their best to sign in players of such caliber.

Lombardi trophy is the main target for everyone in NFL and one needs good offensive players and receiver to achieve that. Here are the possible trade deals of Derk Carr, DeSean Jackson and Haason Reddick who can end up with the Giants, Ravens and the Browns respectively.

Derek Carr to New York Giants

NFL Trade Rumors Derek Carr Giants

Oakland Raiders in not doing that good and they are kinds of wasting the talent of Derek Carr. Khalil Mack and Amari Cooper have been already moved out and now it is the turn of their quarterback, Derek Carr to be traded.

The New York Giants needs a young capable player and Carr is only 27 years old and fits perfectly. Giants are kind of winning recently and Carr can help them to reach the top-ten spot and they would be happy to give the Raiders a future first-round pick in exchange.

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DeSean Jackson to Baltimore Ravens

NFL Trade Rumors DeSean Jackson Baltimore Ravens

DeSean Jackson is a great NFL player but he is unable to perform well in the team of Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Jackson in Tampa Bay squad is kind of overshadowed by the quarterback Jameis Winston and Ryan Fitzpatrick. As for the Baltimore Ravens, John Brown is about to leave their team in a few months.

The Ravens needs a replacement for Brown and Jackson will fit perfectly in their squad. Jackson won’t have much trouble in Baltimore as he has already spent five years with Marty Mornhinweg during his tenure in the Philadelphia Eagles.

Haason Reddick to Cleveland Browns

NFL Trade Rumors Haason Reddick Cleveland Brown

Haason Reddick is doing amazing in the team of Arizona Cardinals and yet they are not appreciating him. The Cardinals are unable to find a proper playing position for him and Reddick needs to move on somewhere else soon. The Cleveland Browns are in need of a strong linebacker and Reddick could be one of their top choices. Browns manager John Dorsey can change the entire career of Reddick and the deal would be win-win for both of them.