Tom Brady is no doubt one of the best quarterbacks in NFL but he has to accept the fact that he is 42 years old and now and play safe. The New England Patriots understand the importance of Brady and should never risk him after leading the games by a huge margin.

Despite that, Tom Brady dove at Jamal Adams even while leading the game against the Jets by 30-7 margin. It is nice to show competitive spirit and the same would have been appreciated from any other player but Brady is too important for the team. If Antonio Brown was present in the Patriots vs Jets game, he would have never let it happen and the Patriots will miss him in the rest of NFL 2019 season.

Brady was Almost Injured in the Jets Game

Tom Brady Risking Injury in the Jets Game

The Patriots were the clear winner of the game and there was no chance that New York Jets could have made a comeback from that point. Tom Brady had already rushed for more than 300 yards and scored two touchdowns and yet the Patriots allowed him to play instead of letting him rest.

At that point, Brady despite being a quarterback was serving as a blocker for Philip Dorsett and protecting him against the Jets safety Jamal Adams. Brady threw his whole body in a block attempt to Jamal Adams which could have landed him in some serious trouble. The Patriots fans are freaking over the incident and are glad that nothing happened to Tom Brady luckily.

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Tom Brady needs Antonio Brown

Tom Brady and Antonio Brown were a perfect pair

Tom Brady was missing out Antonio Brown in the field as they had a great pairing in the previous Patriots vs Dolphins game. Even though Brady and Brown had only played one game together, the two had a great bonding and co-ordination.

Antonio Brown was perfectly catching the passes from Brady and the Patriots had no trouble at all. Tom Brady had the best weapon in the form of Brown and without him in the next game, he risked an injury. The Patriots might regret their decision of letting Brown go and Brady getting injured will make it worse.

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