Stefon Diggs is the latest name that could go on the trade block as the wide receiver is looking to change his team from Minnesota Vikings to something better. NFL is about to enter Week 5 and Diggs is missing out team practice sessions and sending cryptic messages through Instagram about his availability. The Vikings have yet to receive any offer but here are the rumored teams that could offer Stefon Diggs a deal.

New England Patriots

NFL Stefon Diggs Trade Deals Cowboys New England Patriots

The Patriots are the obvious choice given how Stefon Diggs has started to follow several of the New England players on Instagram. Also, after the exit of Antonio Brown, Tom Brady needs a strong weapon and Diggs joining the Patriots makes sense. Even the receiver himself has shared his desire to play for the Patriots and it might soon be a reality.

Dallas Cowboys

NFL Stefon Diggs Trade Deals Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys offense looked stronger till the first three games but in Week 4 they failed badly against the Saints. Dak Prescott couldn’t score a single touchdown and Amari Cooper was missing out on most of the passes. If the Cowboys want to improve themselves, they could use Stefan Diggs and make their team stronger in the offense.

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Green Bay Packers

NFL Stefon Diggs Trade Deals Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers and the Minnesota Vikings are rival teams and there are very fewer chances for them to strike a deal. But if the Vikings are willing to send in Stefan Diggs, the Packers could use the wide receiver. Aaron Rodgers was great against the Eagles but due to lack of a better WR, they lost the game.

Jacksonville Jaguars

NFL Stefon Diggs Trade Deals Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars are under constant pressure about trading Jalen Ramsey but they should give more importance to their new starting quarterback Gardner Minshew. Stefon Diggs would be a great help to the young QB who has been saving the Jaguars side since the last few games. The Jags should definitely try to sign Diggs as the wide receiver would be useful in the playoffs.