NFL Rumors New Orleans Saints Michael Thomas

New Orleans Saints should have let Michael Thomas go away to some other NFL teams as no receiver is worth hundreds of millions. While most of the players in the team of Saints are expendables and traded if they ask for more, nothing of that sort happened with Thomas.

Sean Payton, the coach of Saints, have previously traded out Jimmy Graham and Brandin Cooks even after a contract extension.

Then why didn’t the Saints moved out Thomas, why the change of heart. Michael Thomas has been made the riches wide receiver in NFL history with annual earnings around $20 million per year. The Saints have offered Thomas a five-year contract extension for $96.25 million, plus another $3.75 million incentives. It makes his contract worth around $100 million, which has never happened before. Here are the reasons why the Saints offered Thomas such a huge contract.

Career Stats and Performance of Thomas

NFL Rumors New Orleans Saints Michael Thomas Career Stats

The primary reason why the Saints couldn’t risk letting Michael James go is his amazing track record. Thomas is kind of a special player who made an NFL record with 321 catches in the first three season of his career. During the last season, Thomas earned his first All-Pro honors for getting 125 catches and 1,405 receiving yards.

As a comparison, no other receiver or tight end in the Saints had more than 35 catches. Standing at 6 foot 3 inch and weighing 212 pounds, he is one of the best emerging talents in NFL. Thomas caught around 84.5 percent of all the targets in the last season, which no NFL receiver has managed to do since the year 2001.

Saints wants the Super-Bowl

NFL Rumors New Orleans Saints Michael Thomas Superbowl Dreams

New Orleans Saints are planning for the next Super Bowl, and there is no way Thomas is not included in those plans. He is very vital to the Saints and in no way that could risk him going to some other NFL roster. It is also one of the reasons why the Saints are giving him $100 million for five years.

All the players that have played along with Thomas have always praised him. Whether it is a regular NFL game or the Super bowl final match, Thomas gives his full efforts to all of them. It will be interesting to see that Thomas can take the Saints to the February big series.