Jalen Ramsey is not going back to the Jacksonville Jaguars no matter what happens. The Jaguars tried their best to make him stay but what’s done is done and Ramsey has made up his mind. The All-Pro cornerback already hinted that the NFL Week 3 Jaguars vs Titans will be his last game and he will be moving on to some other team.

Ramsey requested for a trade request after the second game against the Texans which they lost with just a single point. The Jaguars coach Doug Marrone and Rasmey had a fight and the corner decided to leave the team. In a recent podcast, Jalen Ramsey has confirmed that he is not going back to the Jaguars and will make a new trade deal with some other NFL team.

Jalen Ramsey on his NFL Future

Jalen Ramsey on his NFL Future

Jalen Ramsey talked about a number of things including him faking sickness to miss the Jaguars practice sessions. The cornerback will also be not present in the Jacksonville Jaguars team for the Week 4 game against the Broncos for attending the birth of his second child. Here is what Ramsey has to say on his future with the Jaguars.

[blockquote footer=”Jalen Ramsey”]For me, respect is the most important thing and once it is lost, the two sides have to part their ways. I will continue to be the best cornerback in the league for many years. I am not worried about money, it will come through, peace and happiness are more important.[/blockquote]

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Deals for Jalen Ramsey

Trade deals for Jalen Ramsey

Jalen Ramsey won’t have to be worried about getting a new deal as a lot of NFL teams are interested in signing him. The cornerback will be helpful to the defense of any team and hence there are a lot of trade offers for Ramsey. Philadelphia Eagles, Baltimore Ravens, Kansas City Chiefs, Dallas Cowboys, Oakland Raiders, etc are all trying hard to sign deals with Ramsey for the 2019 NFL season.