Dan Bailey is not having much good time in the past few seasons with the team of Minnesota Vikings. During the last year, Bailey just managed to score 21 out of the 28 field goal attempts, which is barely 75 percent shooting.

While back in 2013, Bailey had a record of 30-32 (93.67 percent) with the team of Dallas Cowboys. Bailey’s luck has not at all improved with the Vikings training camp and he needs a fresh start. Here are the possible deals of Dan Bailey with Dallas Cowboys, New York Jets, and Chicago Bears.

Dallas Cowboys

NFL Dan Bailey Deal Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys were the team that kicked out Bailey and now they need him the most. Jason Garrett promoted Brett Maher to the forward position to replace Bailey but he is kind of struggling. Maher doesn’t have the accuracy and despite good numbers is missing most of the shots.

He only had a record of 23-of-29 from playing inside 50 yards, which is considered bad for indoor kickers. As Maher has not improved much in the training camp, it is time for the Cowboys to reunited with Dan Bailey.

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New York Jets

NFL Dan Bailey Deal New York Jets

New York Jets are in dire need of new players as Chandler Catanzaro took an unexpected retirement from NFL. He missed two crucial extra points against the city rivals, New York Giants and decided to leave NFL forever.

It has made a scarcity of good kickers in the Jets and they could use someone like Dan Bailey. Taylor Bertolet was signed by the Jets, but he is no Bailey in terms of experience. As soon as the Vikings agree for a deal, the Jets won’t wait and should sign Bailey in their team.

Chicago Bears

NFL Dan Bailey Deal Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears are struggling for a decent kicker ever since Robbie Gould was released way back in 2015. Bears would have made it to one more playoff if they were not suffering from this problem. Elliott Fry and Eddy Pineiro are trying their best to be the leading scorer but there are not many chances. In case things don’t work out, the Bears should ask Vikings for a Dan Bailey deal.