Colin Kaepernick NFL deals trade

Colin Kaepernick has high chances of getting back in NFL for the remainder 2019 season. The quarterback is in good shape, training hard and also his agents are in contact with most of the NFL teams. If we leave the controversies aside and the allegation that the NFL has blackballed him, Kaepernick would be an ideal fit for a trade.

It has been three years since the kneeling incident and hopefully, things are improved by now. Around half a dozen of the starting quarterbacks for the some of the top teams are injured, which makes it a perfect opportunity to come back in NFL. Also, bases on the latest analysis by FiveThirtyEight, Colin Kaepernick is good enough to play as a backup QB.

Kaepernick is Above the Backup Quarterbacks

Colin Kaepernick is Better than Backup QBs

Colin Kaepernick was compared to all the other quarterbacks of his age and a lot of other factors were considered by the popular sports analysts site called FiveThirtyEight. In the calculations, it was found out that Kaepernick stands in the average line of 2019 QBs.

What makes his presence impactful is that the former 49ers star is free of any injuries and way better than most of the backup quarterbacks. Kaepernick can also be the starting quarterback if any of the team is confident in him. To reach a conclusion, Kapernick should play in 2019 NFL season as he can make a difference to any of the team he joins.

NFL Teams needs Replacement QBs

NFL Colin Kaepernick teams needs replacement QBs

Drew Brees from Saints, Sam Darnold from Jets, Cam Newton from Panthers, Ben Roethlisberger from Steelers, etc are all injured or sick right now. NFL 2019 season has a shortage of quarterbacks and it makes sense for the teams to give a thought about the Kaepernick deal.

NFL teams need a starting QB and Colin Kaepernick is waiting for a deal, no one should give a thought about other things. Although a lot of politics and other factors are involved, it terms for pure sports opinion, Kaepernick getting a deal to play as a starting quarterback is ideal and imminent.