NFL Atlanta Falcons Julio Jones Deal Trade Contract

Julio Jones was supposed to get a new deal with an increased salary from the Atlanta Falcons before the start of regular NFL season. But nothing of that sort has happened yet and it has been increasing the trouble for Jones. In case the Falcons don’t offer him a deal, it could be too late for Jones to go with the other NFL teams.

There is no spat between team Atlanta and Jones have been regularly attending the training camp sessions. Most of the reports state that the two sides have secretly agreed for a deal and soon it will be made official. But the problem is that Falcons have no money to offer Jones a raise on a contract extension.

Falcons promised Contract Extension

NFL Atlanta Falcons Julio Jones Deal Trade Contract Promised a Deal

Julio Jones is one of the best wide receivers for the Atlanta Falcons who is essential for the team. He led the NFL in rushing yards last year and has earned six Pro Bowl selections. It was obvious that Jones would ask for a raise and it too the Falcons one year to agree for a contract extension deal.

Jones said to the media that team owner Arthur Blank has promised him a new contract deal. It is the only reason why Jones had no stress and was reporting to the preseason games and training sessions. While Jones had full faith in a new deal, the owners are not that dedicated.

Trouble for Julio Jones and Falcons

Trouble for Julio Jones

Atlanta Falcons have kind of messed up the whole thing by promising Jones a new deal and spending most of their cap space. After the signing of kicker Matt Bryant, the Falcons have only $4 million remaining in their cap space. Julio Jones alone is holding an amount of $13.5 million for 2019 which is nothing compared to the top wide receivers.

Jones currently ranks 13th among the highest-paid wide receivers and his average salary is $5 million less than Michael Thomas. The Falcons have no funds to offer Jones an extension and things could get worse soon for both the sides.