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NFL Rumors: Antonio Brown can Rejoin the New England Patriots due to Salary Contract Rules

NFL Antonio Brown New England Patriots

Antonio Brown can’t seem to make up his mind about leaving NFL or playing back again in the league. While the star wide receiver was released by the New England Patriots, they still owe him a lot of money. It is why Brown filed a grievance against the Raiders and Patriots asking for his salary and bonus which totals around $40 million.

While it is not sure whether Brown will win the case or the NFL teams, but as per the rules they owe him some of the money if not all of it. In a recent Instagram live video, Antonio Brown was heard saying that “Tell them to call me. They still gotta pay me, so might as well let me earn it.” It simply means that the Brown can rejoin the Patriots team as the contract rules for his salary are in favor of the act.

Patriots will have to Pay Money to Brown

Patriots will have to Pay Money to Brown 

New England Patriots surely miss out Antonio Brown and it was their owner Robert Kraft who panicked and took the decision to release him. Most of the players on Patriots roster are in favor of Brown playing with them and even Tom Brady indirectly kind of supports him.

The Patriots know that they have to pay money to Brown at some point, it will be a complete waste if they don’t utilize him for the same. If Brown is getting paid, why not let him work for it and run on the field with the football in his hand and catching passes from Brady to convert them to successful touchdowns.

Antonio Brown back in Patriots?

NFL Antonio Brown New England Patriots

Antonio Brown might have several issues off the field and lawsuits filed against him, but he is an excellent player when playing in the 2019 NFL season. The New England Patriots might have won the first few games, but they were against the weaker teams and it will get tough very soon.

Most of the players in the Patriots roster are getting injured and Tom Brady is forced to work out with the rookies. There might be politics, PR, media relations, etc involved but at the end of the day, NFL is a sport and Brown is a player. The Patriots need Brown and he may rejoin them soon given how unexpected things have happened in the 2019 NFL season.


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