NFL Predictions Win-Loss Ratio Odds

NFC North division is one of the best divisions in the NFL and has consistently performed well. Chicago Bears, Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers are regular playoff contenders in the last few seasons. Even Detroit Lions have the potential to become a league topper this season. It’s one of the best spread out the group and any of the team can make it to the next NFL round. Here are the NFL predictions for Packers, Bears, Vikings and Lions in the NFC North League.

Green Bay Packers

NFL Predictions Win-Loss Ratio Odds Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers alone is not enough to make the Green Bay Packers a winning team in NFL. Even though Rodgers as a quarterback played all the 16 games, the Packers only won 6 of them. It is also the fact that Rodgers is getting older and have an increase in injuries. Green Bay has spent a lot of money on their defense and yet it doesn’t perform on a higher level. Even compared to the last season, the Packers don’t have many chances and may survive the league rounds.

Predictions: 9 Wins (-110 Over/+110 Under)

Chicago Bears

NFL Predictions Win-Loss Ratio Odds Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears won 12 games in the last NFL season and surprised everyone in the league. It might not be possible for the Bears to win the NFC North title again, but they will show some good victories. The defensive side in Chicago is not up to the mark and the offensive line has to make up for it. Mitchell Trubisky has improved a lot from his rookie years and the quarterback is showing a lot of potential. Matt Nagy is also good in offense and the Bears can easily win more than 10 games in the next season.

Predictions: 9.5 Wins (+120 Over/-140 Under)

Minnesota Vikings

NFL Predictions Win-Loss Ratio Odds Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota Vikings have been finishing over .500 since the last four to five seasons. They have the most talented defensive side and also one of the best wide receivers in their team. The offensive line is still somewhat of an issue for the Vikings but they are working on it. Garrett Bradbury, Pat Elflein and Kirk Cousins are the few names on which the future of Vikings depends and they need to work hard.

Predictions: 9 Wins (-120 Over/+100 Under)

Detroit Lions

NFL Predictions Win-Loss Ratio Odds Detroit Lions

Detroit Lions were a good time a few years ago but it all changed in 2018. The Lions managed only 6-10 with Matt Patricia in their team for the first time. The Lions have the advantage of playing against weak teams like Cardinals and Giants due to last-place schedule. All the difficult matches like Chiefs, Chargers and Cowboys will be played at their Detroit home ground and they have the advantage. If the Lions could somehow beat the Bears, getting to the second position might be possible for them.

Predictions: 6.5 Wins (-130 Over/+110 Under)