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NFL Predictions: Win-Loss Ratio for Saints, Falcons, Panthers and Bucs in NFC South League

NFL Predictions Win-Loss Ratio NFC South League Saints Falcons Panthers Bucs

NFC south league have the toughest competition in all the NFL teams combined. New Orleans Saints have been winning the league titles since last two seasons while Atlanta Falcons and Carolina Panthers came at the first place over several years.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers have the worst track record with seven last-place finishes over in the league rounds. While it may change in the next season, solely depends on the new players. Here are the NFL win-loss ratio predictions for Saints, Falcons, Panthers and Bucs in the NFC South League.

New Orleans Saints

NFL Predictions Win-Loss Ratio NFC South League New Orleans Saints

New Orleans Saints might not play as good as in the last season as their main star Drew Brees has crossed the age of 40. The quarterback had a 115.3 passer rating and 74.4 percent of completed passes in the NFL 2018 season. The biggest problem is that the defense of Saints is getting weak over time. If the running back and wide receivers can handle things, the Saints can even get to the Super Bowl 2020.

Predictions: 10.5 Wins (+110 Over/-134 Under) 

Atlanta Falcons

NFL Predictions Win-Loss Ratio NFC South League Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta Falcons could be the worst team in NFL south league by the next year as their defensive side is not working at all. Even the offensive line and the new starter guards are performing average. There was a time when Matt Ryan was the MVP and the Falcons made it to the Super Bowl. But now all that is gone and the Falcons are the 7th worst team in the NFL rankings.

Predictions: 8.5 Wins (-135 Over/+115 Under)

Carolina Panthers

NFL Predictions Win-Loss Ratio NFC South League Carolina Panthers

Carolina Panthers faced the biggest problem in the last NFL season when Cam Newton had a shoulder injury. There is no way the Panthers can even win 8 games out of the total 16 in the next season. Luke Kuechly and Kawann Short are still struggling as a linebacker and defense tackle for the Panthers. If Newton was in better shape, the Panthers could have finished in the second place.

Predictions: 7.5 Wins (-160 Over/+125 Under)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

NFL Predictions Win-Loss Ratio NFC South League Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers needs to make some big changes in their time for the NFL 2019 season. Jameis Winston is not doing anything great as a quarterback and the Bucs needs to move on from him. In the last two seasons, Winston had a 6-16 record with just 38 touchdowns and 25 interceptions. Bruce Arians can be an upgrade as a coach but he still can’t improve the defense for the Buccaneers.

Predictions: 6.5 Wins (-110 Over/-110 Under)

Written by Faran

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