NFL Predictions: Eagles, Chargers, Colts and Browns Have The Best Betting Odds for 2019 Playoffs

    NFL prediction betting odds Philadelphia Eagles Los Angeles Chargers Indianapolis Colts Cleveland Browns Super Bowl

    NFL 2019 season is about to start and teams are already preparing for the next Super Bowl. But before dreaming about the big title, all the teams need to make into the playoffs. Philadelphia Eagles are slowly raising as the best team in NFL and Los Angeles Chargers are also looking strong. Indianapolis Colts and Cleveland Browns have also made a seat deserved in the next round of NFL. Here are the NFL predictions and Betting Odds for Eagles, Chargers, Colts and Browns in the 2019-20 playoffs.

    Philadelphia Eagles

    NFL prediction betting odds Philadelphia Eagles

    Philadelphia Eagles had some of the best scores in the last two seasons while Nike Foles was leading them. Now that Foles has moved, Carson Wentz has the accepted the same role and is doing great. Eagles are doing great in the NFC and might win the division title this year. At the same time, Eagles won the Super Bowl title two years ago and making it to the playoffs might be an easy job.

    Betting Odds: Yes -205, No +166

    Los Angeles Chargers

    NFL prediction betting odds Los Angeles Chargers

    Los Angeles Chargers might now the favorites to win the division title but they surely are making to the playoffs. The Chargers were wild card contenders last year with a 12-4 record and beat the Baltimore Ravens in the first round to make progress. Despite losing out the All-Pro safety, Derwin James for a few months, the Chargers would do fine.

    Betting Odds: Yes -198, No +160

    Indianapolis Colts

    NFL prediction betting odds Indianapolis Colts

    Indianapolis Colts are the top favorites for the Super Bowl at the beginning of NFL 2019 preseason. Ever since Andre Luck’s leg injury, the Colts are not the same as before. But the team has a lot of depth and might successfully make it to the playoffs. The Colts are also leading the AFC South division and will easily be the title winners.

    Betting Odds: Yes -178, No +144

    Cleveland Browns

    NFL prediction betting odds Cleveland Browns

    Cleveland Browns missed the postseason last year but might make it this time. Even though the Browns are not known to making to final rounds of playoffs, the new changes in the team have made them a strong contender for this NFL season. Odell Beckham Jr. and Baker Mayfield have been great in offense and the Browns are the AFC North favorites for this year.

    Betting Odds: Yes -122, No +100


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