NFL Cincinnati Bengals Coach Zac Taylor Bengals vs Bills Game

Cincinnati Bengals already had a bad Sunday game and their new rookie coach Zac Taylor made it even worse. It has been 3 games and the Bengals are yet to open their count for the NFL 2019 season. In the Week 3 Bengals vs Bills game, the Bengals lost at 21-17 but that was not their only problem. Zac Taylor, the new coach of the Bengals team is unaware of the NFL rules and was arguing on the sidelines for no reason at all.

Even after losing the game by four points, Taylor started screaming at the referees and his players for stopping Tre’Davious White was totally stupid. The Bengals are already losing games and could fire their coach Zac Taylor to save further embarrassments and improve their situation in the NFL 2019 season.

Bengals coach Zac Taylor Unaware of the NFL Rules

Bengals coach Zac Taylor unaware of the NFL Rules

Zac Taylor has previously been part of the Miami Dolphins and the Los Angeles Rams as a position coach and yet he doesn’t know the NFL rules properly. The Bills were 21 and the Bengals at 17 and only a few seconds were left in the last quarter of the game. Tre’Davious White gave himself up to lock  the victory for Buffalo Bills and went on the ground untouched.

White then ran to the end zone to celebrate their win with his teammates but the Bengals coach Taylor lost his cool and started shouting for a safety. As per the NFL rules, the play is considered when the ball-carrier gives himself up and yet Taylor couldn’t accept the fact and acted like he is totally unaware of the gameplay rules.

Bengals are 0-3 and could Fire Coach Zac Taylor

Bengals are 0-3 and could Fire Coach Zac Taylor

Cincinnati Bengals are currently lagging in the NFL 2019 season by 0-3 and another loss could end their playoffs dreams. Zac White has proven to be totally inefficient as their new head coach and the fumble he made in the Bengals vs Bills game has further risked his job. The Bengals can’t tolerate such failures and will surely fire Zac Taylor from the team.

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