Alabama Football College Team

Alabama college team is one of the best teams in university-level football in the national championship games. They rarely lose to anyone and beatdown loses are almost impossible. But the recent games have proved it wrong and it Alabama team losing out is now a trending topic in the whole country.

The Clemson Tigers football team defeated the Alabama Crimson Tide in a title match by a 44-16 score. The game went so bad for the Alabama team, they had to reevaluate their whole structure. Nick Saban, the head coach of Alabama college football team came forward and explained the reason for their bad performance.

Nick Saban blames the Assistant Coaches

Nick Saban blames coaches

In a recent interview, Nick Saban shared his views on the poor performance of Alabama college team in the last season. Saban shifted most of the blame on the assistant coaches and their behavior. He further explained that most of the assistant coaches wanted to move out and had different plans which were not in favor of his team.

We had a lot of guys who wanted to be head coaches at different places in other teams. It takes a special person to stay focused on their work when they have a job somewhere else. Most of them are awaiting them and it increases the responsibility of our staffs. I’m not saying that they were bad at their job. It’s just that a lot of challenging tasks are involved and it is hard for our task to carry out the same.

NFL Dreams are also Responsible

The Good Old Days

It is said that as soon as the NFL prospects arrive, most of the players shift their focus to the big leagues. The same thing happens with the staff members and none of them gives proper time and attention to college games anymore. Once it comes to the NFL career, it is all about money and stardom and playing in the big leagues.

Alabama college has given some of the best players to the NFL teams and it will continue in the upcoming years too. But with time, players are planning to prepare for NFL from a young age and College level football is losing in the process.