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NFL: Jimmy Garoppolo Future in San Francisco 49ers Uncertain After Injury

NFL Jimmy Garoppolo San Francisco 49ers

Jimmy Garoppolo will be one of the most popular quarterbacks to look around in the upcoming NFL season. San Francisco 49ers are otherwise an average team but ever since Garoppolo joined them, it was said that things will change. While Jimmy showed a lot of potential and had amazing numbers in the beginning, it all changed after his injury.

Garoppolo tore his ACL in the Week 3 of 2018 NFL season and it is almost 11 months when he returned on the field. The preseason games are not enough to judge the player as he was trying out new things in the game which had no impact on future scores. Everyone is looking forward to next NFL season games and how Jimmy Garappolo performs after his injuries in 2019.

Talent, Mechanics and Support from 49ers

Need help from 49ers

There is no doubt that Jimmy Garoppolo is one of the best quarterbacks that San Francisco 49ers have ever seen. He has the best throwing mechanics and his aim is almost perfect. Garoppolo is quick, has a good arm and quick reflex and he makes one of the best running offense. But the decline in performance after the injury has made the 49ers fans that Garoppolo is a lost cause.

Another problem is that the defensive side in 49ers is not much of a help and Garoppolo is easily sacked by the opponents. The 49ers young squad have to understand the fact that a quarterback is as good as the defense. The supporting cast from San Francisco is going to be the key factor that decides the future of Garoppolo and the whole team in NFL 2019 season.

Twitter Reactions from Fans

Talent and Mechanics

Jimmy Garoppolo was criticized a lot in the first few games of NFL 2019 preseason but he changed it after the latest match against the Chiefs. He threw for 188 yards and made a touchdown which resulted in the 49ers winning the game. Here are fan reactions on Twitter about Garoppolo’s performance and near future.

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