NFL: Jay-Z buying Miami Dolphins NFL Team is Almost Imminent

    NFL Jay-Z Miami Dolphins

    Jay-Z buying an NFL team is making more headlines that what is happening in the games itself. As per the reports, the American rapper and producer is now expanding his brand into NFL stakes. Jay-Z has shown significant interest in taking ownership for one of the NFL teams and an official announcement can be made soon.

    It is also said that since Jay-Z can’t manage the football players as an owner, which also happened with his ownership in the Brooklyn Nets NBA team. For those who don’t know, only NFL or NBA players can make deals for players, and business owners can’t be the part of trade discussions. Anyway, Jay-Z is getting a team under his brand Roc Nation, and it could be Miami Dolphins or some other NFL team.

    Roc Nation partnership with NFL

    Roc Nation NFL Partnerhship Jay-Z Miami Dolphins

    As per the reports, Roc Nation is the entertainment company founded by Jay-Z and they are teaming up with the NFL. While the whole deal could also be a way to get social justice, it would make Jay-Z as the first black owner of an NFL team. The main aim of his company is to provide everyone an equal opportunity and fight over racial discrimination.

    Despite Jay-Z not being directly involved in any of the deals, he can still influence the discussions. Colin Kaepernick, who has been fighting on the social and racial issues in NFL is not happy with Jay-Z and calling it just a business move.

    Miami Dolphins or Other Teams?

    Miami Dolphins NFL Jay-Z

    It is confirmed that Jay-Z is getting an NFL team but to the exact details and name of the team is yet not revealed. It can’t be Brooklyn like the NBA as there is no team associated with the place. As for the two New York teams, none of them operates out of the city.

    There is no way Jay-Z is going to New Jersey to set up his new NFL franchise. Miami Dolphins can be the team that Jay-Z becomes a part-owner as the city has a lot of like-minded people. Even several music partners of Jay-Z has hinted the Dolphins over the NFL trade talks.


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