NFL: Giants Depends Too Much on Sam Beal, DeAndre Baker and Corey Ballentine

    NFL New York Giants Injury Sam Beal DeAndre Baker Corey Ballentine

    New York Giants are facing a big problem and it is nothing but running out of healthy players. It is the main reason why the Giants signed three quarterbacks in the NFL 2019 draft. Golden Tate, the wide receiver was first suspended and before they could appeal he is now injured. It has made the Giants dependent on other quarterbacks and they have to dig deeper. Here are the reasons why the Giants depends too much on their players like Sam Beal, DeAndre Baker and Corey Ballentine.

    Sam Beal

    NFL New York Giants Injury Sam Beal

    Sam Beal was signed by the New York Giants as a third-round pick in the NFL July supplementary draft. But before they could even play a game with him, he strained his hamstring and is now sitting out. Beal has been missing the practice drills for the Giants due to his recent injury. They are not sure whether Beal will recover before this week’s game against the team of Chicago Bears.

    DeAndre Baker

    NFL New York Giants Injury DeAndre Baker

    DeAndre Baker, the young player whom the Giants traded as the 30th overall has also gotten injured. He is suffering from a knee sprain and will also miss out this week’s game. Pat Shurmur, the head coach of Giants has said that it’s a minor injury and they will try to play with him in the next game. Baker’s injury is not that serious and Giants are glad as they depend a lot on him.

    Corey Ballentine

    NFL New York Giants Injury Corey Ballentine

    Corey Ballentine has played very well in the last game against the New York Jets where he put an interception. Ballentine has been involved in a lot of controversies after reports of his name involved in a homicide. The Giants defended him and said he is innocent until proved guilty and took him back in the team as soon as the case was over. Antonio Hamilton might be removed from the Roster to make Ballentine’s place more permanent in the Giants.


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