NFL fantasy drafts are coming up and it is time to make predictions for some of the running backs. There is no way one can win by just getting the first-round picks as the ultimate winner is decided by some of final round players. While some of the last round players may spend their time on the bench, others can contribute to the game in a lot of ways. Here are the NFL 2019 fantasy predictions for Chris Thompson, Justice Hill, and Devin Singletary as the final round running backs.

Chris Thompson, Washington Redskins

NFL Fantasy League 2019 Chris Thompson

Chris Thompson will probably at the third-down or pass-catching position for the Redskins in the upcoming NFL 2019 season. If he avoids major injuries, he can become a strong contender in the next few games. In the last season, Thompson had 50 plus catches for 400 yards with 4-6 touchdowns. Most of the NFL fantasy leagues will place Thompson at the 15th round or later, but since the Redskins will play a lot of game, it can get better.

Justice Hill, Baltimore Ravens

NFL Fantasy League 2019 Justice Hill

Justice Hill is improving his position in the Baltimore Ravens slowly and will soon become their biggest offense player. In the last game against the Jaguars, Hill made 10 carries for 33 yards to go along with 2 receptions for 16 yards. Despite Mark Ingram being the lead back, Hill will also be seen playing major minutes for the Ravens. Most of the fantasy league rounds are dominated by the offensive side and the same can happen with Hill.

Devin Singletary, Buffalo Bills

NFL Fantasy League 2019 Devin Singletary

Devin Singletary has become a prominent figure in the Buffalo Bills where he caught three passes in the last two NFL offseason games. There are rumors about LeSean McCoy being cut off from the team which further elevates Devin’s position. For the 12th fantasy round, Singletary can be selected as the fourth or fifth running back. As soon as the midseason hits, Singletary could actually come on top for the Bills.

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