Panthers Eric Reid makes a heroic comeback to the game of NFL By kneeling down before the national anthem Reid has made a remarkable entry in the NFL.

In the first game with the Carolina Panthers, the safety was embraced by his teammates as soon as he rose to the occasion. At this point in time, Julius Peppers chose to remain the locker room by taking the defensive stand when the national anthem was played last year.

As per the report, he had explained the decision that why he had Knelt before the national anthem. In his statement, he told that his country has made no progress in terms of Social Justice. As per his opinion, his countrymen have forwarded some small steps to give crumbs and present them the cakes. This is why in his speech he clearly told that you can come to me with all hatred but you cannot change the truth of the fact.

Reid has made headlines along with his teammate former San Francisco a 49 years teammate. During the anthem, in order to raise social awareness against police brutality and social injustice during the season of 2016. He has contributed 49 years of his life to this game and continued to kneel then he had parted in the offseason. He remained unsigned until he had reached a year deal with Panthers two years ago.

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The first time he had made his comeback within the nine months in Sunday in Carolina as he has defeated the New York Giants in 33-31. On the last week, Reid refused to reveal what his plans for the anthem were. At that point in time, he had worn a black shirt when he had confronted himself in front of the media. Just like Reid, Kaepernick remains unsigned and just like Reid he had also filed a grievance against NFL.