NFL Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers has been appointed as the center quarterback in the Green Bay Packers and he is not too excited with the upgrade. The Packers acquired Rodgers in the NFL 2005 draft and it has been 14 years since he has been playing for the team. Rodgers was the main star of the Packers when they won the Super Bowl in 2011 and he earned an MVP for his contribution.

The 35-year-old quarterback is one of the best in NFL with lots of award for his contribution to the team. But the Packers have not anything for him and constantly made bad deals. The offensive side of Green Bay has turned so poor that Rodgers might be leaving the team very soon.

Packers needs Improvement in their Offense

NFL Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers Offense needs Improvement

Green Bay Packers have made big changes to their offense and things are honestly not looking good for them. Even though it might be just a trial run, none of the new players seems to have any sort of bonding between them.

To make the situation worse, the Packers have changed their head coach from Mike McCarthy to Matt LaFleur which is kind of a downgrade. The Packers are no longer a well-oiled machine and their offense has fallen to the lowest level. Rodgers might still defend it in front of the world, but deep down he will probably leave the Green Bay team.

Rodgers might leave the Team Soon

New Deals for RodgersAaron Rodgers is not very happy with all the new changes and is missing out of the practice sessions. The Green Bay Packers went to the preseason and training camp without Rodgers and it can continue in the regular season too.

It would be too much of a load on Rodgers and he is already getting old for such plays. Aaron has a sore back and he is at the age where the smallest things can turn big. It would be too much of a risk for Rodgers to continue in the Packers and he plans to leave the team within a few days.