Did you know a little secret? It’s that we all can become real-life superheroes. All it takes is a good sense of humor, luck, and an alert mind. And just like that, you can solve any case. 

A Boston reporter Juliana Mazza has saved an adorable dog from a dognapper doing the exact same thing. While she was covering dognapping stories, she came across the story of Titus, the dog who was stolen from a parked car in Cambridge last Friday.

Surprisingly, when she was live with her team, she noticed a man walking a dog that looked like Titus. She then went near the dog, saw the collar, and after asking some razor-sharp questions from the man, she called 911. 

The owner of Titus, Greg Siesczkiewicz, has recently reunited with his furry buddy after this doggo was rescued.

Check out the full video of how things went down between the 7NEWS crew and puppy thief below, dear Pandas

Titus the dog was stolen last Friday by the man shown in this surveillance capture photo

Juliana spotted a dog just like Titus while reporting on the dognapping

After confronting the perpetrator with a series of questions, she then called the police

Titus, an incredibly good and handsome boy, was later reunited with his owner who was understandably very emotional

Here’s how some people on the internet reacted to the reporter being an everyday superhero