The US President Donald Trump is being continuously accused by the Mainstream Media for sending suspicious devices to some major Democrat Leaders. And if these accusations were not enough to trouble the White House, the New York Times brought in a cyclone when they fantasized about The President’s assassination.

This latest story by the NYT is a collection of multiple reports and speculations written by high profile novelists imagining President’s future after the Mueller investigation.

We can provide you just an overlook of the book. The book asks the reader to dig deeper into the Mueller Investigation. It will tempt the readers to find out the truth of the Trump- Putin relationship. Few of the best spies of today, namely Zoe Sharp, Laura Lippman, Joseph Finder, Scott Turow and Jason Matthews have come together to speculate the future of these factors and study their effect on the United States.

Source- Extra Newsfeed

The Novelist Zoe Sharp made it even more excited when he revealed the plot where Mr. Trump is gunned down. The plot says that the Russian spy was eagerly waiting to pull the trigger. He took a few steps back, drew his gun, and pointed it right at the center of the President’s back to hit it straight into his heart. However, luckily for Mr. Trump, his Secret Service agent heard the click and saved the day for the President. The Russian was disappointed as he was taken down by the Agent. He closed his eyes and heard the gun click. But it didn’t. As he opens them up, he sees a gun, butt first.

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The Secret Service agent politely says, “Here, use mine.”

The chaos in the White House is increasing every second and the supporters of Mr. Trump are just sickened by this story.

Source- Todd Starnes