New Orleans Weather: Hurricane, Floods and Power Cuts Predicted

    New Orleans Storm Power Cut

    New Orleans weather has been rough for the past few days and it is expected to continue to remain in the same state, if not worse, for the next few days as well. The storms in the area are expected to continue to hit the city while flooding and rain will maintain its onslaught.

    New Orleans Weather

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    The situation in the region is getting worse, as floodings have caused disruption in travel and even the city hall has been shut. A flash flood emergency was recently declared in the Jefferson Parish. Furthermore, power cuts have also begun because the intense winds and waters have disrupted the power supply.

    New Orleans Weather: How Long Is This Storm Expected to Last?

    Given that there’s a possible hurricane about to hit the city, one can expect the stormy weather to calm down in about three days – but the aftermath of the weather will be a problem for at least a week to ten days. Flooding will continue to disrupt public life while electricity-related problems, too, will persist.

    New Orleans Storm

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    The best advice for the residents of the region is to stock up supplies and to stay indoors. Those living in low-lying areas are adviced to move to regions where flooding won’t affect them.

    Flash Flood Watch Issued in New Orleans

    New Orleans Storm Flood Cylcone

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    The National Weather Service has issued a Flash Flood Watch in New Orleans area for the next two days. Following that, the weather is expected to get better and while the sun should be out, shining in all its summertime glory, by the end of the week – it is going to take quite some time for all the effects of this storm to subside.


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