New Orleans Pelicans NBA Free Agents Kawhi Leonard Al Horford Khris Middleton

The Pelicans have a lot of work to do after a 13th placed finish in the 2018-19 NBA season. And with a $30 million in cap space, they will have to be quite prudent with their signings.

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Here are a few interesting signings that the Pelicans can make to improve their team:

#1. Try for Kawhi Leonard

David Griffin, the man who runs the operations at the New Orleans Pelicans, has repeatedly stated that he wishes to build sustainable success at the franchise.

New Orleans Pelicans NBA Free Agents Kwahi Leonard

Now that the Pelicans have ample cap space to play with, it would be a shame if they didn’t at least try for some short term success with splashing that cash. And no signing is more ideal for that goal than the soon to be free agent Kawhi Leonard. It is a long shot, sure, but one that deserves to be tested out.

#2. Al Horford or Khris Middleton

If the long shot doesn’t work out, the next options that the Pelicans should go for are Khris Middleton or Al Horford. The prior would be better at the three roles than Brandon Ingram, who could then be moved to a super 6th man role.

New Orleans Pelicans NBA Free Agents Al Horford Khris Middelton

Horford is an excellent option as well, and a near-max contract could be offered to him. A smart and unselfish player, Horford, is definitely worth the cap space that he takes up.

 #3. More firepower from the wings

Alongside the above targets, the Pelicans also need more shooting from the wings. Houston Rockets’ small forward, Danuel  House would be a perfect addition. Standing at 6’8, he has the height to be a solid defender and shot nearly 42% from three-point range on nearly 5 attempts per game.

New Orleans Pelicans NBA Free Agents

The fact that Houston may not be able to match even a mid-sized offer due to their cap problems makes House an even better prospect for the Pelicans.