Those of you who want to keep pets at home always consider how much space do you have to make room for it. But even though you want to keep a pet, according to UK laws, you are not allowed to. Recently, a new law was proposed in the country stating to allow tenants to keep pets in their apartment and their homes if they wish to. Landlords are not very happy with the proposal, because it would give the right to pet owners to bring their pet along when they move into a new home. There are a few concerns that the law needs to look at. They might ask landlords to charge extra rent if they

A new law is being proposed in the UK, called the Dogs and Domestic Animals bill

Tory MP Andrew Rosindell, who is pushing for a change, said: “sadly, pet owners moving into rented accommodation face the reality that their family could be torn apart because most landlords have unnecessary bans on pet ownership.”

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The community members of the House of Commons for Romford have been discussing with landlords over the Dogs and Domestic Animals bill. They were trying to explain to landlords that the new bill is not going to give tenents unconditional rights to own pets in their properties.

As “most landlords have unnecessary bans on pet ownership”

He explained, that if someone wishes to keep own a pet in a rented property, they would have to pass a test. The test would include a checklist of vaccines, a dog basic command test and microchipping. The test will be called as the “responsible ownership test,” and will be made mandatory for all pet owners.

If the bill’s passed, it would grant renters rights to own pets

The proposed law has been dubbed Jasmine’s Law, after a Weimaraner dog whose family from Surrey, UK.  They were not allowed to keep her in their rented house. MP Andrew Rosindell told the National Residential Landlords Association: “The bill will include measures to ensure that pets are suitable for the type of accommodation. The no-pet clause means someone cannot have a dog over for even a short period for fear of recriminations or losing their home. Such discrimination must now end.”

However, there are concerns landlords would charge extra for it

However, a landlord Fred Cowler said while talking to Hiptoro: “If it does become law, I’d want guarantees that damage and extra costs would and could be covered by the tenant.”

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The second reading of the bill is scheduled for January 29, 21. There have been similar bills passed in Germany, France, Switzerland and Belgium.

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