Phoenix’s Joker coolly smokes a cigarette as he leaves a disorderly scene in a Brooklyn metro station. The recording was published on YouTube by Hollywood Pipeline and highlights Phoenix in all cosmetics, lighting and breathing in a cigarette while cops keep running towards the train the Joker is leaving from. According to a report given by, the recording comes in the midst of different other set photograph releases that demonstrate the Joker wearing a cover while entering the station containing a crowd of other individuals in jokester covers.



They are supposedly holding signs saying things like: “Clown4Mayor,” “Slaughter the Rich” and “Reprimand Wayne.”This isn’t the principal look we’ve had at Phoenix as the Joker, as chief Todd Phillips as of late posted a set photograph of Phoenix in a full jokester outfit. Before this, Phillips discharged dreadful camera test film of Phoenix with face make up on. This was later he uploaded a photograph with no cosmetics on as Arthur Fleck, Joker’s personality before turning into the Clown Prince of Crime.

Source: Comic Book