Orange is the New Black Season 7 Plot

The Netflix original series Orange Is the New Black has gained popularity over the last few years. It is a bittersweet moment for fans as season 7 releases this summer because this will be the last season of the comedy-drama.

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The show is based on a true story about female prisoners at Litchfield prison. Although Netflix has not announced a fixed release date, fans can expect season 7 to drop this June or July.

Here’s what we can expect for our beloved characters in the upcoming installment of Orange Is the New Black.

What will Piper do

Orange is the New Black Season 7 NetflixThe last season saw Piper get an early release from prison. The future is uncertain for her, she has to learn to adjust in a society she was far away from for too long. Speculations suggest that she might get a job and meet her wife, Alex Vause.

Will Tasha be able to prove her innocence

Orange is the New Black Season 7 CharactersAnother shocking revelation of the last season was when Tastyee Tasha was accused of the murder of Desi Piscatella. Although we are aware that she is not the actual murderer, it will be interesting to see how she prove her innocence. Since Mr Caputo seems to believe her, it is possible that he will try to help her.

It will also be interesting to note how things come along for Daya, Red, and Flaca.

Catch the Orange is the New Black season 7 on Netflix this summer.