Fans are excited about Season 2 of The Treason and can’t wait for it. If you haven’t already, you can watch Season 1 of Charlie Cox’s thriller show on Netflix.

The Treason is a British thriller about a man in charge of M16. His past starts haunting him when he once again meets a Russian spy he used to work with. Here, you will learn everything about Season 2 of The Treason , including its release date, storyline, and much more.

Will there be Season 2 of The Treason?

Fans keep their fingers crossed and hope that Netflix renews the thriller show for another season. The streaming giant hasn’t announced Season 2, but it hasn’t canceled it either.

The Treason Season 2
The show ended on a controversial note.

Originally, The Treason was released as a limited series. The show ended on a controversial note making it likely that there won’t be another season. According to Cox, it might not be easy for The Treason to continue for another season. The only thing that could make it possible is an anthology of the show, like American horror stories.

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At this moment, fans of the show will have to be a little more patient to know if there will be another season.

When is Season 2 likely to release?

The release date of Season 2 of the show certainly depends on its renewal. If the show gets a good response from its audience, it will certainly get a nod for Season 2. The show was released on Christmas. Netflix would at least wait for a month to seek the audience’s reaction before making this decision.

We will only get to hear about it in February. In that case, Season 2 might release in 2024 only.

Cast of The Treason Season 2

The Treason Season 2
Charlie Cox will not return for Season 2.

Fans are not just waiting for Season 2 but also curious to know who will return. In case Netflix agrees to renew The Treason, the cast members that might return could include:

  • Oona Chaplin (Maddy Lawrence)
  • Olga Kurylenko (Kara)
  • Avital Lvova (Irina Belova)
  • Ciaran Hinds (Sir Martin Angelis)
  • Tracy Ifeachor (Dede)

Charlie Cox was the show’s life in Season 1, but he surely wouldn’t return for another season. Those who have seen Season 1 already know why. Unfortunately, Charlie Cox (Adam Lawrence) dies in the end.

What could the fans expect in Season 2?

In Season 1, we saw that Adam Lawrence was trained and raised in M16. His life was running smoothly until he met the Russian agent Kara with whom he has some history. Troubled by his past, Adam is pushed into the middle of a dangerous hate/love triangle with Maddy and Kara. The three won’t leave a single opportunity to kill each other.

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The Treason Season 2
Troubled by his past, Adam is pushed in the middle of a dangerous hate/love triangle with Maddy and Kara.

Anything can happen in the life of these double agents and spies. Hence nothing is certain. Season 2 can feature a fresh plot starring Kara. The new season might show Kara getting involved in another case. The location might also change.

If not a sequel, the producers can also bring up a prequel season showing more details about Adam and Kara. It all depends on the popularity of the show.

Ratings of The Treason Season 1

Everyone looks at the ratings of the show to judge whether they want to watch it or not. The ratings also indicate the show’s popularity and whether it would return for another season. The show has got 67% on Rotten Tomatoes and 6.2/10 on IMDb.