Sacred Games season 2 ending season 3 release date

Netflix Sacred Games Season 2 is finally out and has broken major viewership records in India and other parts of the world. All episodes were released on Netflix and fans have already binged watched the whole show. While the second season of Sacred Games answered most of the questions, it raised some more.

Almost all the major plot points from the first season were covered and every story-arc was properly closed. Sacred Games season 2 was bigger and better than the previous season. The stakes were higher and the threats were more dangerous in this season. Sacred Games Season 2 climax was confusing, so here we have explained the ending and the news about a season 3 of the Netflix series.

Season 2 Ending Explained

Ending Explained

Sacred Games season 2 finally cleared all the doubts fans had after season 1 as it showed that Gaitonde actually was talking about a nuclear attack. Mumbai was evacuated and yet it was in chaos as the report about an imminent attack was leaked in the media. Near the end, the Police finally get the location of the bomb, but it was password protected. Sartaj tries a few times and the pattern was wrong, which brings the matter to his own life and death.

In the end, it was shown that Sartaj looks into the Kalachakra book and enters a pattern and the scene was cut to black. It must be noted that the pattern to activate and deactivate a fictional bomb can be different as many people are saying Sartaj and Shahid’s pattern was not the same. Sacred Games season 2 has ended and it is not clear whether the nuclear bomb will blast or get diffused. There is only one explanation that for those who are optimistic, the city was saved and for those who think nothing can’t be saved, the bomb blew off.

Sacred Games Season 3?

Season 3

Netflix hasn’t made any official statement for future seasons but it almost confirmed that there will be more episodes for Sacred Games. Episode 8 titled Radcliffe revealed that Sartaj and Shahid are long lost cousins and their families separated in 1947 due to the partition of India and Pakistan.

Even the makers have hinted about 4 seasons of Sacred Games. It is clear that there will be a Sacred Games season 3 as Netflix knows how popular the show is. The third season of Sacred Games can release in mid-2020 as the writers also talked about working on a script.