Makeup enthusiasts and reality TV aficionados, gather around because we’ve got some piping hot tea on the fifth season of your favorite makeup-focused show—Glow Up! Get ready to clear your Netflix schedule this September, as we spill the beans on the latest cast, the shiny new host, and what you can expect from this season’s jaw-dropping challenges.

The Dazzling Return: Glow Up Season 5 Release Date

Breaking: New Host and Fresh Faces — What to Expect from Glow Up Season 5 on Netflix
Glow up

Mark your calendars and set your reminders for September 12, 2023, because Glow Up Season 5 is landing on Netflix and you won’t want to miss a single brushstroke. For those of you who’ve been following the series since its inception, you’ll be thrilled to know that this season also packs eight visually satisfying episodes. First airing on May 2 and wrapping up on June 21, this season promises to bring more innovation and creativity than ever before.

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Fun Fact: The series debuted back on March 6, 2019, and with every season, the hype just keeps growing. So, yes, it’s safe to assume this latest addition will be no less than a masterpiece of makeup magic.

A Changing of the Guard: Meet the New Host

Out with the old, and in with the new! Maya Jama, the charismatic host of the past seasons, has passed the makeup palette to none other than Leomie Anderson. The divine Ms. Anderson will be guiding us through a whirlwind of contouring, eyeshadows, and liquid liners alongside judges Dominic Skinner and Val Garland, who are back to drop gems of wisdom and those dreaded eliminations.

Unveiling the Artistry: What’s Cooking in Season 5?

From smoky eyes to avant-garde masterpieces, Glow Up has a history of pushing contestants to the edge of their creative boundaries. And Season 5 promises to keep that excitement alive! While the producers have been hush-hush about the specifics, they’ve assured us that this season will be just as compelling as the last.

“In the world of Glow Up, inspiration knows no bounds,” says Dominic Skinner. The aim is to find a makeup maven capable of dazzling the judges with their artistry while overcoming the most grueling challenges yet.

But wait, it’s not all about the powder and paint; there’s an educational component too. Well-known celebs pop in to inspire the contestants and drop knowledge, ensuring that each episode is not just a visual treat but also a learning curve for budding makeup artists.

The Trailer Tease: Getting Ready for Season 5

We know you’re already itching to catch a glimpse of this season’s lineup, but hang tight! Since the fifth season was just recently confirmed, there’s no official trailer out yet. But if you’re new to the Glow Up universe, get a taste of the artistic chaos by watching earlier season trailers on YouTube. Trust us; it’s worth the binge!

Breaking: New Host and Fresh Faces — What to Expect from Glow Up Season 5 on Netflix
Glow Up

Streaming and Beyond: Where to Catch All the Action?

For those who haven’t dipped their brushes into the Glow Up inkwell yet, you can catch up on past seasons on Netflix or BBC Three. As for Season 5, Netflix is your go-to destination, but given the show’s burgeoning popularity, who knows? More platforms may pick it up.

The Bottom Line: Painting a Bright Future

Glow Up has carved a unique niche, blending the glamour of “Next Top Model” with the hands-on beauty tutorials you secretly love watching on YouTube. As Season 5 approaches, anticipation is building for another cascade of awe-inspiring makeup looks, transformative journeys, and career-making opportunities for the contestants. With every precise brushstroke, Glow Up continues to set the bar high, not just for makeup enthusiasts but also for reality TV. Brace yourselves; a new season of makeup marvels is about to begin.