The leading streaming service Netflix will cost you a little more than it used to from now on. It is all set to raise the rates of its monthly plans for all U.S. subscribers. The streaming service previously hiked its prices in 2017 and since then it is the first increase for the stateside accounts.

Effect of Price Hike

The hike in prices is a substantial one as the plans will cost 13% – 18% for the new users starting Wednesday morning. The existing users can take the liberty of the earlier rates till the time their plan expires, but after that, they would also have to bear the cost as per the new rates.

Netflix to cost 13-18% more for new subscribers. Disney, And AMC are also raising prices
Credits: IBT

Netflix is not the only one to raise its prices. Disney and AMC have also taken the leverage of their position to raise prices. Disney increased the pass and ticket prices of Disneyland by 7% – 10% in the previous week. Disney World will also follow suit in the weeks to come.

AMC began offering its AMC Stubs A-List multiplex subscription plan since last year only. Earlier this month only, AMC increased the monthly rates by 10% – 20% across the most populous states of the country.

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Anything for Entertainment

Netflix, Disney, And AMC Are Raising Prices
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Even at the time when the economy is giving mixed signals regarding sustainable health, Disney, AMC, and Netflix are taking advantage of their position and pushing through higher prices. There are a lot of perks of being at the top and these three are using it to the best.

Entertainment matters to many people and paying a little more to escape the rough patches of your day doesn’t sound too bad. Though it may sound a lot, the price hike will only cost you a few more bucks. Even after the price hike, Netflix is still cheaper than most live TV streaming services.  

Source: International Business Times, Tech News Log