Netflix announces the future of After Life Beyond Season 2

No doubt, that during this quarantine period, the digital streaming platforms are serving us well. And, they have become our only source of entertainment these days. Now, after trying on them completely, the streaming giant Netflix has come up with some amazing news for their audience. Netflix announced officially that they have ordered After Life for a Season 3.

We know that your happiness knows no bounds right now. Also, we are more eager to know about what all is going to happen in Ricky Gervais’s After Life Season 3. When Netflix announced this exciting news, Gervais was live with his fans.

He expressed his gratitude to his fans for showering love on After Life Season 2. He also told that Season 2 was watched much faster than Season 1 in large numbers. This made the streaming platform to renew After Life for the next season.After Life Season 3

In the previous week also, Ricky Gervais told his fans that he would ink the deal with Netflix for Season 3 if the response to the second season was good. And, the results are in front of us.

After Life Season 3 comes with a lot of expectations

Although, season 2 had also faced criticism for too harsh language. And also insisted that viewers can handle swearing if they can watch the show in which a man loses his wife because of cancer. Gervais mindfully defended the criticism though.

A still from After Life

But, as they say, every criticism brings a positive change. After Life Season 3 will definitely win our hearts. So, we would recommend keeping an eye on Season 3 and do watch it.