Neon Genesis Evangelion is going to be on Netflix pretty soon. Netflix has confirmed the acquisition of the 1995 hit series and related films via the NXOnline account on Tuesday.

The Evangelion series was out of print in 2010 but still is one of the most memorable shows till date. Netflix will be recreating the classics in 26 episodes. It will also cover two movies of the same franchise.

Source- Highsnobiety

Thanks to Netflix, as this is the first time ever that the show is going to stream anywhere outside Japan. When the first Eva Rebuild movie was released in 2010, the studio put an end to overseas printing of Evangelion. The series resurfaced in 2015 with the release of Japan Exclusive Boxsets in 2015.

This is not the first time Netflix is trying its hand on any anime series. It has failed miserably in recreating Death Note. Hope the same doesn’t happen with Neon Genesis Evangelion. The series will be streaming in the spring of 2019.

Source- The Verge

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