NCIS Season 17

The new NCIS Season 17 will see Ziva David return but she might not stay here for long. New interviews suggest that she’ll be back for the premiere and might leave soon after that. Whether she’ll return or not and how long is that going to take is still not known to anyone.

Cote de Pablo, the actor who plays the character of Ziva David is coming back for either just the premiere or a few more episodes after that. That’s going to be all we see of her in Season 17. This is because she’s only coming back as a guest start and won’t stick around for long.

NCIS Season 17: What is up with it?

The new Season 17 of NCIS has been confirmed by CBS and it is expected to be released by sometime in the autumn of 2019. Mark Harmon will be leading the cast this season and will continue with the events of the last seasons’ finale. The trailer is expected to come out soon.

NCIS Season 16 finale revealed that Ziva David was alive and was living in Washington DC. This calls for speculation that she might have a return to the series. While the show makers have only confirmed of her return to the premiere, fans are excited to know if she’s gonna stay a little longer. They’re all very excited for her return.

Ziva back for good?

Last season’s finale episode was Ziva’s first appearance on the show in years. The last time we saw her was back in 2013. She left the show after the second episode of Season 11. So it is obvious that fans would be excited about seeing her on screen again. But this excitement would be short-lived.

NCIS Season 17 Ziva David returns

The makers of the show have confirmed her return in only the first episode of NCIS Season 17. She may be seen in the next few episodes too if the story plans out that way but there’s a solid possibility that she’ll leave again soon.


We don’t really have a problem with Ziva leaving again if only we know that we’ll see her again. But we don’t know anything for sure. Guess we’ll just have to wait for NCIS Season 17 trailer and the season to come out.

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