NBA Wizards Bradley Beal John Wall Power Duo

Bradley Beal and his contract with the team of Washington Wizards is getting more and more complicated with time. While teams such as Miami Heat wants Beal to pair up with Jimmy Butler, the Wizards have their own plans. The fact is that Beal is free to choose whichever NBA team he wishes to join, and it has made things tough for the Wizards.

John Wall, one of the best friends and teammate of Beal in Wizards, have full faith in rejoining him. Wall reveals that Beal loves to play in Washington, and they like to play together. It is the main reason why Bradley will re-sign the contract that the Wizards have offered him. Here are are the reasons why the Wizards could pair Beal and Wall as their next NBA power duo.

John Wall on team-up with Bradley Beal

John Wall on Beal

In a recent interview, John Wall has predicted that his friend Bradley Beal will the sign the contract extension that the Wizards have offered him. Wall is fully confident that Beal will not go anywhere else as he loves to play with him on the Washington basketball court.

[blockquote footer=”John Wall”]Brad is a very smart guy, he knows what is good for him and takes a wise decision. He loves Washington D.C. and has done great things in here. The Community Assist Award won by him represents how much he cares for the place. He loves the Wizards organization and he loves playing with me.[/blockquote]

Contract dilemma for Beal

Beal Contract Issues

Washington Wizards have offered Beal a huge contract for three years at $111 million, and there is no way he can ignore that. Bradley Beal has time till October 21 to make up his mind and take a final decision. If he signs the contract now, it means he will get free from the Wizards at the age of 30 years.

It can be tough in the future to get better deals after that age, and hence, Beal is a bit reluctant. There are chances that he signs short term deals with some other NBA teams for two years and then looks for a massive five year deal after that. The dilemma of Beal about his contract is very confusing, and the Wizards have to wait a few more months to pair up Wall and Beal.