NBA Al Horford Boston Celtics Clint Capela

It’s still some time to go before the NBA 2019 draft officially opens, but the wild rumors and speculation are already well underway. Each day it seems we favorites with a new rumor that would completely change the face of the NBA.

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A big shake up is expected at the Boston Celtics, with several of their key players expected to exit. Kyrie Irving is the main target for various franchises. And after Irving, the next in line for an exit is Al Horford.

Al Horford to leave

Reports from ESPN suggest that $30.1 million option up to Horford will not be opted for by the player, and the player will leave. While Celtics will try to offer the 33-year-old man a new contract, but it seems the Horford will not opt for it.

NBA, Al Horford Boston Celtics Clint Capela

Meanwhile, the Celtics will turn to Clint Capela of the Houston Rockets to get a replacement. It is rumored that Horford, aware that his NBA years are coming to an end, want one long contract. And to get it, he will test the market. Given his five-time All-Star status, it is hard for the NBA man not to land a contract.

Capela to the Boston Celtics?

Ainge, the manager of the Boston Celtics, is not to keen on giving Horford a three year contract. Instead, the Boston based franchise will turn to secure Capela’s services.

Clint Capela trade rumours NBA

Although Capela’s current returns and stats pale in comparison with Horford, being 25 years old leaves him with plenty of room for improvement. It can be seen as an investment in the future by the Boston Celtics.

Should they fail to land Capela, the Celtics will look for a similar profile of players- young, strong and high potential players.