The Cleveland Cavaliers are expected to have a long summer. The franchise is apparently going in for a summer overhaul, continuing to rebuild their team following the departure of key players. Kevin Love is still around, in a franchise player role after agreeing a 4 year $120 million contract. However, it seems that the club and the player may soon part, as the Cleveland Cavaliers have included the big man in trade discussions.

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No interest in Kevin Love, Yet

It is ESPN’s Brian Windhorst who broke the news. Kevin Love has been included in trade talks but without any success. The franchise is finding it hard to find takers for the 30-year-old man, as most teams are looking at the NBA Draft and the free agency window to land better talents and players. Love’s huge contract is a deterrent to many teams as well.

This doesn’t mean there won’t be takers for Love- a man of his talents will always have interested parties, but they will only come forward once the dust settles. The Cavs also wish to trade away their other old center forwards, like Tristan Thompson, who has had a poor 2018-19 season. And with Tristan having close ties with King James, it is not out of the question that he might find his way to the Lakers next season.

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Cavaliers to sell off all players on fat contracts

It is clear from their moves so far that the Cavaliers wish to remove all the players with hefty contracts off their roster. Thompson and Love are two such players, and Cleveland Cavaliers will turn to younger and high potential picks to replace them.

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It is clear that manager Koby Altman has his hand full of rebuilding the franchise following the departure of Kyrie Irving and LeBron James.