Fans of the world’s most popular sports league, the NBA, are waiting for the offseason trades. But there is not much happening right now.

There are situations that are likely to change, and one such situational relation is between Pascal Siakam and the Toronto Raptors, which may change this season.

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The rumors have already confirmed that the Raptors are likely to trade off their star player, Pascal Siakam. He is likely to be acquired by the Atlanta Hawks. Here are the complete trade scenarios.

Pascal Siakam
Image: Pascal Siakam

The Pascal Siakam Trade Proposal

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Pascall-NBA Siakam
It is insane how the Raptors Front Office is trying to put a loyal two-time NBA all-star and all-NBA star player on a trade block. Pascal Siakam deserves better than that
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The Raptors and the Hawks are two teams being eyed by their fans as these teams are trading their star players along with some core players.

Why do the Atlanta Hawks want to Acquire Pascal Siakam?

The Atlanta Hawks didn’t perform well in the last NBA Season. Recently, they have acquired a great player Dejounte Murray alongside some future draft picks.

While the Hawks have some good players on their roster, they still need to improve their roster and acquire some good players, and Siakam is a good fit for them.

Pascal Siakam
Image: Siakam laughing during a match

Siakam’s unique skillset can solidify the team’s game with the assistance of Young and Murray. Siakam’s good offense and defense match well with the playstyle of Young and Murray, which can make the team stronger.

Why Do the Raptors Want to Trade Off Siakam?

The Raptors want to trade off their center forward due to multiple reasons. First, they have Scottie Barnes on their roster, who strikes well. Compared to Siakam, he is also younger and can be a good alternative.

Pascal Siakam
Image: Toronto Raptors

The Raptors consider Scottie, their future player. Hence, they want to trade Pascal to other teams in exchange for future draft picks and young players. The Raptors will not accept the deal until they get a good return for their center forward.