Jordan Bell Golden State Warriors trade deal NBA free agency 2019

NBA free agency is yet not over and there are a lot of trade deals which would be done before the last day. Could a Jorden Bell trade deal with Golden State Warriors happen too?


The Golden State Warriors lost Kevin Durant to the Brooklyn Nets, and after that are trying to get new players to build up their team. Klay Thompson was re-signed and D’Angelo Russel was traded in the team from the Brooklyn Nets.

There are a few other names from the Warriors who have turned into free agents. The Warriors needs to re-sign some of the names so that their team doesn’t break down further. One such name is Jordan Bell, who has a great potential for the future NBA seasons. Here are the reasons why the Warriors team should re-sign a new deal with Jordan Bell before the free agency ends.

Jordan Bell will stay Loyal

Jordan Bell Loyal

Jordan Bell was picked up by the Warriors in the NBA draft lottery at No. 38 pickup in the year 2017. Since then he has been playing for the Warriors team and had contributed a lot in their recent wins. While the other players such as Patrick McCaw wants to move on to other NBA teams, Bell is interested in continuing his journey with the Warriors.

The Warriors has seen Bell shaping up to be a good player, along with names such as Kevon Looney. Jordan Bell has a lot to learn from his teammates like Draymond Green, who are helping Bell to be a great defender. Bell is loyal to the Warriors team, has the hunger to do more and has the potential to be a future star for the Warriors team.

The Warriors needs to replace Durant

Replacement for Durant

One of the biggest hurdles the Warriors team need to tackle is getting their winning team formation back. With Kevin Durant gone, the whole team dynamics are changed, and they need to get back in form. There are also rumors that DeMarcus Cousins will leave the Warriors team if he is able to get a better offer.

Under such circumstances, it will be much better for the Dubs team to not lose any more players. Jordan Bell is an important part of the team, he is great at assisting his teammate. Also, the Warriors won’t have to spend much money to re-sign a deal with Bell, as he will be happy to have a minimum salary. Hence, the Warriors should not waste any time and re-sign Bell before any other NBA team offers him a deal.